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The TSX200 is the smallest, lightest and most agile TSX frame. But don’t let this fool you, the design still allows you to fit your electronics with ease.

The power distribution board (PDB) has two filtered linear regulators. The 5v regulator will power the flight controller and receiver , while the 12v regulator will power the video transmitter and camera.

Cut from high quality matte carbon twill sheet of various thicknesses. Specifically 1.5mm for the main frame plates with the option of different thickness arms. 3mm arms are more than enough strength for racing, whereas 4mm is more suitable for freestyle.
The small size of 200mm (motor to motor distance diagonally) allows a propeller size up to 5 inch in diameter. So with the right setup it is a real beast to fly!
Incorporating a unique design that requires only ONE bolt per arm greatly improves the strength and simplicity of the frame.This design also allows
the mounting of the flight controller (FC) to be separate from the standoffs, so the application of soft mounting is possible.

The TSX200 was piloted by the World Champion, Luke Bannister, at the DR1 Invitational event in Los Angeles in which he won! Specifications:

Size: 200mm
Weight: 78g (3mm arms) 
Max prop size: 5 inch
PDB: 3oz copper (with 5v and 12v regulators)
Standoffs: Nylon
Carbon finish: Matte Twill

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